SolarOne Develops Sustainable Technology Solutions for Industrial and Community Infrastructure.



“SolarOne’s PathFinders have improved the safety, security and useability of my clients’ outdoor areas. They are easy to install and provide beautiful ambient lighting solutions for pathways, patios and decks.”

Adam Young, Landscape Architect

Adam Young Garden Designs
Frontliner. Solar Powered Collision Avoidance Delineators. Purposely developed to improve the safety of your mine site.


Solar Powered Collision Avoidance Delineators purposely developed to improve the safety of heavy haulage roads, mines and commercial sites. FrontLiner provides clear, safe, dusk-till-dawn, off-the-grid lighting for all vehicles operating on site. They are easy to install, remove and redeploy aligning to the ever-changing conditions of mines or commercial sites.

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Path Finder

Pathfinder Lighting

Solar Powered Commercial lighting solutions.

Pathfinder is the world’s most efficient solar powered, off-the-grid lighting solution for roads, footpaths, cycling paths and walkways.

With delineation capability Pathfinder provides safety lighting, ambient lighting and aesthetic lighting for public infrastructure.

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