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Solar Powered Collision Avoidance Delineators purposely developed to improve the safety of heavy haulage roads and mine sites. Durable in a wide range of extreme operating conditions, FrontLiners are easy to install, remove and redeploy aligning to the ever-changing conditions of a mine site. FrontLiner’s impact resistant design, advanced casing and proven off-the-grid technology means access to your mine site and infrastructure will be safely delineated no matter the environment or weather ensuring efficient, continued operations from dusk-till-dawn. FrontLiner’s advanced materials technology and design is capable of withstanding both the hottest and driest environments as well as tropical rainforests with heavy rainfall. With over three years of research and development, FrontLiner assures clear visibility and the highest levels of operational safety. FrontLiner uses SolarOne’s off-the-grid technology of energy capture, storage and delivery to provide rugged and robust delineation lighting in the harshest environments.

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